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Turkey Stock

Turkey Stock

Recipe Type:  Holiday Recipes
Servings  4
1    Turkey carcass with wings or legs  
2    carrots, cut in quarters  
1    onion, cut in quarters  
2    celery stalks, cut in quarters  
1    sprig thyme, whole  
2    Bay leaves   
1  tablespoon  whole peppercorns  
6  cup  water  
0    turkey drippings  

  1. Place the Inner Pot into the Pressure Cooker.
  2. Place turkey carcass into the Pressure Cooker with the rest of the ingredients. Add enough liquid to cover turkey but do not exceed the max fill line.
  3. Secure the Lid on the Pressure Cooker. Lock the Lid and switch the Pressure Release Valve to Closed.
  4. Press the SOUP/STEW button and then the COOK TIME SELECTOR to set for 30 minutes.
  5. Once the timer reaches 0, the Pressure Cooker will automatically switch to KEEP WARM. Press CANCEL. Switch the Pressure Release Valve to Open. When the steam is completely released, remove the Lid.
  6. Strain stock, discarding bones and vegetables.