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Recipe Type:  Beef
Servings  4
1  pound  ground beef  
1  cup  diced onions  
1  cup  diced green peppers  
2  tablespoon  garlic minced  
1  tablespoon  Garlic   
2  tablespoon  olive oil  
0.5  cup  olives, sliced, stuffed pimento  
0.25  cup  raisins  
12  ounce  tomato puree  
0.25  cup  Tomato paste  
1    bay leaf  
1  teaspoon  cumin  


1. Place the Inner Pot in the cooker. Press Soup button, 10 mins. Place the ground beef in the Inner Pot. 2. Cook ground beef most of the way through. Remove and drain excess fat. 3. Begin with olive oil; add in the onions, green peppers and garlic. Sweat for few minutes. 4. Add in the remaining ingredients stir. Place the Lid on the cooker, lock Lid and switch the Pressure Valve to Closed. 5. Once the timer reaches 0, the cooker will automatically switch to KEEP WARM. Press the CANCEL button. When the steam is completely released, remove the lid. 6. Ladle into a bowl over white rice. serve with a side of fried plantains.