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At Pressure Cooker, we love food beyond imagination. Seriously! We not only want to share our favorite recipes, but we’d love to receive recipes from our readers!

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We love accessories for our power pressure cooker, our kitchen and home.

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We have a growing library of recipes harvested & shared amongst our family

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Yes yes yes! Our reader base is growing and recommending more ideas of what they want to read

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Besides testing and trying a variety of power pressure cookers, both antique and digital. We like to use this variety for a number of occasions and even better for cuisines. Whether your in an Italian mood mmmm or Moroccan for some Tagine ahhhhh. Gotta slow down there! Getting hungry again 😀

We can’t wait to share our wild and crazy journey on our site and even better on Social. I’ll list below what you can expect on social:

Tiktok – fails/messy recipes, quick picks, hopefully success

Youtube – step by step recipes

Instagram – a bit of both

Twitter – well Twitter is a bit boring, so perhaps some news updates